Features Of NetGyver Express

Remark: planned developments are noted in this color.

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File Management

You can manage files and folders in the same way:

  • In your computer.
  • In remote folders (yours or from your contacts).
  • In remote folders for writing. Examples : accessing files from NAS, smartphones, media devices...

File manager features

  • Copying, moving, deleting, renaming and opening folders and files.
  • Instant search:
    • In indexed locations even under Windows XP.
    • In remote indexed locations.
    • In non-indexed locations (search is fast but not recursive).
  • Sharing folders with your contacts for reading and writing (with quotas).
  • Shell integration (Open with..., compress, edit, drag & drop).
  • Sorting search results.
  • Saving favorite searches.
  • File preview (thumbnails):
    • On mouse over an item.
    • Pictures diaporama.
  • Media player: plays media from your computer or a remote computer in streaming. It supports nearly any format.

Original GUI

  • Dual view to copy and move files without opening many windows. It is faster and less error-prone, very useful on laptops which only have touchpads.
  • Checkboxes to select: more intuitive than holding down CTRL key, avoid losing selection by clicking wrong.
  • Tabs view.
  • No dialog box aside windows.
  • Conventional shortcuts to access common folders.
  • Custom start folders (Favorite Folders).

Copy/move operations originalities

Such operations can be lengthy, especially since it is possible to do networking. Therefore, NetGyver includes a task manager providing the following services:

  • Atomicity ("all or nothing") : an operation is carried out in whole or not at all. Cancelling an operation puts the computer in the state it was before.
  • Suspending and resuming: resumption of discontinued operations (following a power failure, battery failure or disconnection). This allows to transfer files of unlimited size over the Internet.
  • Copying and moving cross-site: it is possible to copy files from multiple interconnected machines(limited for now to [multiple remote or local files] → [Local Computer]) in one single operation.


NetGyver is also a communication tool, although local file management is possible without creating a user account.

It is possible to log on many systems at once.

Customizing the User Profile

The user profile includes two sections:

  • User: defines a unique user on the NetGyver Network as a contact for others users.
  • User profile for chat rooms (hereinafter public profile): defines arbitrary the user particularly when it communicates anonymously on a public chat room.

Public chat rooms

The NetGyver Network hosts an unlimited public chat rooms number. Any user has the right to create his own. A chat room is defined by its name, its language, its creator, adult nature (or not).

A chat room contains an unlimited number of members who can talk anonymously and do the following:

  • Share files with others. An image, sound or video can be played directly in streaming.
  • Vote to regulate the chat room:
    • Ban a member.
    • Promote the status to "adult" to protect minor people (in which case they are banned immediately).
  • Do private chat with another person anonymously (only the public profile is visible).
  • Usual customizations: emoticons, font and colors.
  • External media object inclusion (only links for now).
  • Persistent history.

Private chat rooms

Webcam & VoIP

Contacts and shared folders management

Inviting/importing contacts from other mailboxes or social networks

There are 3 ways to import contacts:

  • Entering an existing NetGyver username.
  • Entering your contact e-mail address.
  • Importing contacts from your mailbox or social network. More than 150 networks are supported.

Private and authenticated instant messaging (with your contacts)

In this mode, the system ensures that both parties are not fake. The following services are added:

  • Presence status (online, away, busy, offline).
  • Sharing folders (anonymous private chat only allows sharing files temporarily).